Tailored individual and group tutoring for primary and high school students, including ATAR

At BCS Books and Education we don’t believe in a one size fits all program. Our Perth tutoring services are designed to consider your child’s specific needs, grow their individual strengths and talents and to connect and directly support the in-class program at their school. We offer tutoring from year 1 to year 12, in our Perth centre, with qualified and experienced teachers and tutors all with WWC.

So you’ve decided to hire a tutor, but how can you trust that you’re getting the right person for your child?  Deciding to engage a tutor for your child can be difficult with a lot of questions that need to be answered.  We can make sure your child receives the right help.


Tutoring Perth Primary Assessment

Who will tutor my primary school child?

Our primary school tutors are qualified and experienced primary school teachers who are interviewed and reference checked prior to commencing at BCS Books and Education.  All of our primary school tutors have working with children and police clearances to ensure your child is learning in a safe environment.  The tutor provides instruction and support to your child based on the Australian curriculum and one on one tutors can also follow your child’s classroom learning and provide additional support in reading, writing, comprehension and maths.

Who will tutor my high school child?

High School students are paired with tutors with a strong focus on the preferred subject, and are post graduate university students. As with our primary school tutors, our secondary tutors are interviewed and reference checked prior to commencing and have working with children and police clearances to ensure your child is learning in a safe environment.  We have secondary tutors who can assist your child in Maths Application, Maths Methods, Maths Specialist, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English, with other subjects available by request.  The tutor will also work with your child as required on exam preparation techniques while working through previous exam questions.

How many students will be tutored at a time?

While some students do well in small groups, others do far better with one on one individual instruction.  At BCS Books and Education we offer both options.  Our 30, 45 and 60 minute individual tutoring sessions are tailored specifically to the educational needs of each child.  Our primary school small group classes have a maximum of five student who are roughly at the same educational level (not year level).  We offer small group classes in primary school reading, writing and maths.  High school tutoring, which is quite specialised, is only offered on an individual basis.

How will the tutor measure my child’s development?

Before your primary school child starts their tutoring journey with us we conduct a literacy and/or math assessment. This assessment will give us an idea of where your child sits in relation to their academic level as well as their strengths and areas for improvement.  We can then use this initial assessment as a reference to look at progress further down the track.

Our high school tutors are continually assessing student for gaps in their learning of the specific subject, and will use this analysis to target their weekly tutoring session.

All our tutors make notes during each student’s session. These notes can be used as a reference to look at areas of work covered, progress and achievements during the tutoring sessions.

Will the tutor communicate with me and / or my child’s teacher?

We provide all students with a communication book to allow open discussion between home, school and our tutors. In this book the tutor can add homework to be completed, as well as any information related to the student’s needs or progress. This book can in turn be used by the parent and / or school teacher to communicate with the tutor to ensure there is a continuity of learning between home, the school and BCS.

What is the policy for cancellations and make-up sessions?

If a student is unable to attend a session due to illness, injury or hospitalisation please inform our center as soon as possible. On provision of a doctor's certificate a make-up session may be available, however, this is not always the case due to the workload of the tutor. If a make-up session is not possible a rebate of 50% of the tutoring fee for the missed session will be refunded (or added as a credit to the next terms fees). Please note make up sessions / refunds are not available for missed sessions due to birthday parties, holidays etc unless arranged prior to the commencement of term.

What is the cost of tutoring?

The cost of tutoring varies depending on the length of a sessions and whether it is an individual one on one or small group class.  Please see our pricing page for the correct fees.

What materials do you have to assist my child? 

We have a bookshop on site that has a large range of academic workbooks, student resources and parent support material. These books are used to assist tutors in supporting your child, and are also available to the public during our bookshop hours.  Just some of the resources available include Excel, New Wave, Reading Eggspress, Back to Basics, Mathseeds, NAPLAN support, Academic Associates WACE Study Guides and Creelman Exam Questions.