From Teaching to Tutoring: Tanya Harper Owner of BCS Books and Education

Posted By Tanya Harper  
12:00 PM

I’ve always loved to learn, but it took me a while to realise that I could turn my passion for knowledge into a passion to teach.  After schooling in Geraldton and later in Perth, I spent my first few years out of school chasing my dreams, seeking adventure and experiencing what the world has to offer before starting my journey in education. My first posting was crazy! I was sent out to the Abrolhos Islands, off the coast of Geraldton, to a tiny little seasonal school. No power, running water and no shops….just a pub, which was a dingy ride away. While challenging, this was an incredibly rewarding experience. 

I was then lucky enough to be involved with Carnarvon School of the Air with kids in remote rural settings. These experiences gave me a huge insight into the importance of opportunity in education, as well as teaching me self-reliance developing a creative approach with no resources and no onsite support.

Back in Perth, just before the beginning of the new millennium, I decided to add to my studies with a Bachelor of Social Science (Psy. Soc.). and a stint in the corporate training and development world. In 2005 my world changed forever when I welcomed my first child into the world, followed closely by two more. Becoming a parent has had by far the biggest influence on me as a teacher. I now truly understand individual difference, learning styles and the effect sleep/mood/sugar consumption and occasionally sock colour, can have on a child’s school day experience.

Big Rat Island Primary School

In 2013 my youngest child began his school journey and I felt it was the perfect time for me to refocus on my career. I was lucky enough to work in some fantastic schools with amazingly supportive staff that helped me to grow in confidence, knowledge and professional understanding. This period also included another life changing adventure as my family and I moved to Sydney to seek new challenges.

It was while I was living in Sydney that I was introduced to individual tutoring. I met the wonderful Joy who started a business over 40 years ago helping students learn to read after school. Five Senses Education is now a thriving and successful business with Joy still at the helm in her 70’s.  It’s based on a passion for explicit one on one instruction and the value of building personal relationships with students to ensure they are being taught in line with their personal learning style. 

After returning to Perth in 2017 I noticed that, while in Sydney tutoring was (almost) prolific, in Perth it was limited to someone coming to your home or group sessions of rote learning of non-Australian curriculum material.  Carnarvon School of the AirSo I set out to open a business that would reflect my commitment to community and a fresh and professional approach to tutoring in a calm and supportive space. I think it’s important that parents know and trust in the people providing support for their children’s education. To a good tutor, the parent / tutor relationship is just as important as the relationship with the student with open communication being crucial.  All those involved in the relationship need to be able to ask questions, have input and support the students learning.

BCS Books and Education was born out of my passion for education and my drive to build a business that offered parents a professional tutoring alternative to having someone in their home.  We are here to provide educational support as well as information and often emotional support to parents who want the best for their child. We not only offer support to those students who are struggling with literacy, math or other subjects, but we also offer student’s the opportunity for extension. We give them structure and support which enables them to push themselves forward at their own pace with the safety net of guided instruction.

Please join me as I take you into the wonderful world of education and how you can support your own child on their journey through school.