Pricing for individual or group tutoring in our Perth centre

All tutoring fees are payable at the beginning of the term. If you need assistance or wish to discuss an arrangement please contact us, we’re happy to help as best we can.

Initial Assessment

  • The initial assessment is FREE (valued at $79). We assess your primary school child free of charge so we can recommend the best tutoring option based on their learning outcomes.

One on One Tutoring (per session)

  • 30 Minutes $40
  • 45 Minutes $55
  • 1 Hour $70

Small Group (4-5 Students per class, per session)

  • 45 Minute reading or writing support class $25
  • 1 Hour creative writing class $30

Small Group (maximum of ten)

  • 1-2 Hour ATAR support classes $20-$40 (depending on duration).
  • 1 Hour after school STEM or CCT classes 

Perth tutoring