Year 1 to Year 12 tutoring in our Perth centre

Our tutoring services are offered at our Perth offices at 920 Beaufort Street, Inglewood. We've created a calm and welcoming environment with dedicated individual and group tutoring rooms. Our tutors are carefully selected to ensure your child receives the best support.

Every child is unique with different strengths and abilities that affect their learning and development. Each child has an individual learning style and we can give them specific learning strategies to help guide them on their road to success. We are happy to communicate with parents and classroom teachers regarding areas of development, including working on classwork and homework during tutoring. We can also follow their teacher's term plan to ensure that your child is getting relevant support and consistent information. All of our tutors are aligned with the current Australian Curriculum and the WA ATAR syllabus.

Tutoring Options

Individual Tutoring - Year 1 to Year 12 ATAR

The tutor will work one on one with your child to find their unique learning style. Using classwork, homework and / or recommended learning resources the tutor can assist your child to close the gaps in their learning. Students are given the tools and strategies to work to their current year level and extend beyond where appropriate. Individual tutoring sessions are available in 30 minute, 45 minute and 60 minute blocks. Depending on the areas that require attention we usually recommend the following

  • Year 1: 30-45 minutes
  • Year 2 to Year 6: 45-60 minutes
  • Year 7 and above: 45-60 minutes

We have secondary tutors who can assist your child in Math Application, Math Methods, Math Specialist, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English, with other subjects available by request. The tutor will also work with your child as required on exam preparation techniques while working through previous exam questions.

Our Primary school tutors can assist your child in reading, writing, comprehension and math.


Small Group Reading, Writing and Maths - Primary School

Led by a qualified primary school teacher, our small group tutoring sessions build the necessary skills in reading, writing or math. Students gain confidence in creating and sharing their work in a safe environment with students at a similar level. Our small group classes have a maximum of 4-5 students who are roughly at the same educational level (not year level).

Assessment - Primary School

While not essential it's good to know your child's educational strengths and weaknesses before you begin tutoring sessions. Literacy and math ability in primary school can influence your child's successful transition into high school subjects. We provide an assessment of your child's reading, writing and /or math ability, by a qualified primary school teacher. The assessment outlines strengths and weaknesses as well as any recommendations and support materials that may be useful.

The literacy (reading writing) assessment includes a graded assessment of spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and hand writing. It also includes an approximate reading and spelling age, compared to the child's chronological age.

The math assessment identifies any gaps in the child's basic understanding of math, based on their current school year. The assessment includes algebra, basic numeracy, geometry, number patterns, fractions and decimals, money and financial mathematics, measurement, statistics and probability.